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World Interpreting, Inc. Main Office

415 Madison Avenue, 15th Floor,

New York City, NY 10017

World Interpreting, Inc.: Contact us via phone, email, or fax. We are available 24 by 7, worldwide.

No matter where you are located, World Interpreting, Inc. is happy to solve your interpretating needs as quickly as possible. You can reach us through email at or you can speak to us by choosing the appropriate number from the list below.
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World interpreting, Inc. is a professional interpreting service dedicated to providing the most accurate and reliable interpreting. We are a worldwide provider of interpreting services with a group of professional, certified interpreters in all of the major world languages

Our Worldwide Locations

  • WI-office-houston

    World Interpreting, Houston

    1 Riverway, Houston,

    TX 77056


  • WI-office-LA

    World Interpreting, LA

    11601 Wilshire Blvd.
    5th Floor Los Angeles,

    California 9002


  • WI-washingtonDC-office

    World Interpreting, Washington DC

    1101 Pennsylvania Ave NW,

    Washington DC 20004


  • WI-office-dubai

    World Interpreting, Dubai

    Dubai BCW Jafza View 18 & 19,
    Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai
    United Arab Emirates


  • WI-office-london

    World Interpreting, London

    1 Northumberland Avenue,

    London WC2N 5BW,

    United Kingdom


  • WI-office-germany

    World Interpreting, Germany

    60329 Frankfurt am Main,



  • WI-tampa-office

    World Interpreting, Tampa

    7602 Transom Ct,

    Tampa FL 33607


  • WI-chicago-office

    World Interpreting, Chicago

    33 N Dearborn St, Suite 400,

    Chicago, IL 60602


  • WI-Atlanta-Office

    World Interpreting, Atlanta

    1170 Peachtree Street Suite

    1200 Atlanta Georgia 30309


  • WI-china-office

    World Interpreting, China



  • WI-madrid-office

    World Interpreting, Madrid



Worldwide Regional Contact Numbers:

City/Country Contact Numbers
Miami 1-305-420-6375
Orlando 1-800-969-6853
Atlanta 1-404-806-7738
Tampa 1-813-333-9956
Los Angeles 1-310-601-7695
Washington 1-202-787-3984
New York 1-212-537-6123
Houston 1-713-589-5461
Dallas 1-800-969-6853
New Orleans 1-800-969-6853
Phoenix & Tucson 1-800-969-6853
City/Country Contact Numbers
Detroit 1-800-969-6853
Chicago 1-312-238-8653
Denver 1-800-969-6853
China 1-800-969-6853
Boston 1-800-969-6853
Philadelphia 1-800-969-6853
Baltimore 1-800-969-6853
Japan (81) 34-578-9740
San Antonio 1-800-969-6853
San Diego 1-619-717-2780
San Francisco 1-(415)-738-2133
City/Country Contact Numbers
Seattle 1-800-969-6853
Canada 1-(905)-370-0100
Doha +974 4423 11 11
Dubai (971)-4-813-7740
Mexico +52 (55)5350-7283
London (020) 3 002-8293
Madrid 918 -295- 214
Colombia 57-4-160326
Argentina 54-1159841254