World Interpreting, Inc. is your solution for all independent medical examination (IME) interpretations. Our large base of interpreters worldwide, certified in every field, provide accurate, qualified, and knowledgeable independent medical examination interpreting services.

Our IME interpreters have the experience, the knowledge, the preparation and the willingness to provide your business with the best quality interpretations for independent medical examination wherever and whenever you need them. World Interpreting, Inc. has built a professional team of certified medical interpreters, expert in IME’s interpreting, that not only have excellent interpreting skills, but also have the cultural knowledge and the human ability to become the essential communication tool for physicians and patients in those medical encounters in which they are just getting to know each other and trying to understand every detail of that information exchange.

Our IME interpreters have international experience combined with the tact needed for medical interpretations; they will take great care when interpreting for your company and they will provide you with the most accurate and professional interpretations. The role of the IME’s interpreter is to facilitate the communication between the health provider and the patient. As anyone can understand, the nature of medical communications and information exchange involves great responsibilities. There’s a big liability in IME’s and, therefore, in IME’s interpreting because it involves the health of a patient, the opinion and prestige of a physician and the information that a company needs regarding a person.

We at World Interpreting, Inc. care about what we do and make our biggest effort to provide the best IME’s interpreting services so that patients, physicians and companies can be absolutely satisfied with the final results. World Interpreting, Inc. provides your medical practice with professional, certified medical interpreters with extensive knowledge in the field who are not only qualified to provide medical interpretations, but also have an understanding of cultures and customs and how these could play a role in patient understanding of medical conditions and treatments.

We provide every facet of your business with integral services through our medical interpreters, which have extensive knowledge in every aspect of medical interpretations including interpreting for independent medical exams, medical interviews, medical visits, and more.

Interpreting in the medical field

As we said before, medical field interpreting, whether it is IME, medical evaluations, pre-operation preparation or any general hospital interpreting, requires experts and specialized interpreters with relevant experience in the field so that they can go beyond cultural and technical barriers and are able to guarantee a natural and clear communication between patients and physicians.

For that purpose, we make sure that our IME interpreters not only are certified, but also fulfill certain requirements that are important for the excellence, accuracy and relevance of our services:

We encourage them to keep abreast of evolving language, medical terminology and legal standards. Our IME’s interpreters know that they have to keep studying to be ahead of IME’s interpreting services worldwide.

We provide IME’s interpreting services through interpreters that understand the importance of culture and are able to explain the cultural differences and practices to health care providers and patients when needed.

Our IME’s interpreters are there to facilitate communication, interpret messages accurately, convey the feeling of the speaker, and maintain impartiality and confidentiality.

Excellence in every field

As in any other services that we at World Interpreting, Inc. provide, in IME’s interpreting we seek for excellence and we give our best to provide our clients with the most satisfying services and the most accurate interpretations on the planet.

We welcome you to use our services and leave behind all language, cultural and technical barriers! To schedule a professional Independent Medical Examinations interpreter, please fill out our online form on the right side of the page or contact us any time.