World Interpreting, Inc. is devoted to providing the best quality services to your business and to the community. That is why it has built a professional team of certified interpreters specialized in public sector interpreting, in order to become your best communication tool in all public sector and community situations and encounters.

Our public sector interpreters are experts in the different public sector subjects and specialized terminologies, and have wide international experience in public interpreting, as well as the best academic preparation in that specific field.

Public sector or community interpreting is one of the most demanding and stressful types of interpretation, in which the interpreter plays an essential and highly responsible role, due to the complexity, the relevance, the emotional charge, the hostile or polarized social surroundings, and the stress that takes place in the public service sectors such as law, health and local government.

Our public sector interpreters are always available when you need them to facilitate your communication in any language and in any city of the world, for any public sector field such as legal, health, local government, prisons, charities, education, social, welfare services, housing, emergency services, environmental health, immigration, employment, non-governmental organizations, government agencies and many more.

We at World Interpreting, Inc. are aware of the responsibility that we have when providing services through our public sector interpreters, and that is why we have made sure to always work with highly skilled and well prepared and experienced community interpreters, to guarantee you transparence, neutrality, accuracy and confidentiality.

We know that public sector interpreters really do matter and have a role that can make the different in any process, even affecting a person’s opportunity to live, and that is why we give our best to provide the community with the highest quality public service interpretations.

Our community interpreters have an excellent idiomatic command, are familiar with all the dialects and variations of the languages they work with, and have a wide cultural knowledge, which makes them great and unique cultural liaisons between the parts involved in any public sector service situation, guaranteeing you that the messages will be rendered with accuracy and detail, and that the essence of the messages intended by the original source will be carefully kept.

Also, World Interpreting, Inc.’s public sector interpreters have the necessary experience and skills to be able to work under pressure and within very stressful environments, without letting that affect their professional performance.

We know you need transparent and accurate community interpretations and we are here to provide you with the best services through our team of public sector expert interpreters.

We welcome you to forget about language and technical barriers, and to start using the best public sector and community interpreting services on the market.

To schedule a professional public sector or community interpreter, please fill out our online form on the right side of the page or contact us any time.