Remember we have a specialized, experienced and professional certified medical interpreter ready to help you in any medical encounter such as:

  • Independent medical examinations –IME.
  • Medical interviews
  • Medical visits
  • Medical meetings
  • Medical analysis
  • Medical discussions
  • Pre-operation preparation
  • Different hospital situations and matters
  • Other specific medical interpreting services you need

If you’re into the medical business, you’re probably looking for the best and the most professional certified medical interpreters on the market in order to incorporate them to your team and, that way, be up to date and meet all the international standards of medical interpretation. We at World Interpreting Inc. understand what you need, know the global requirements of the different medical fields and are always analyzing new ways of helping you develop and improve your business. That is why we have built the most professional and qualified team of certified medical interpreters with wide international experience and great cultural knowledge.

Our certified medical interpreters are trained and prepared to be your best allies and to become some of your most useful and practical communication tools. We have made sure that each one of our medical interpreters has excellent idiomatic command of the languages that he or she will be handling and also an expert in the specialized medical terminologies of the specific medical field of your business.

We at World Interpreting Inc. care about law and we know you do too. We are always analyzing the new legal requirements for every field and, for that reason, we are offering your business the best medical interpretation solutions for some of the most important current international legal requirements: the use of Certified Medical Interpreters (CMI) in hospitals and other medical facilities, and the use of certified medical for the translation of all medical documents, books and any other text that involves health and that will be used by medical institutions, physicians or patients.

We also care about your business’ performance and that is why we have made sure that our professional team of certified medical interpreters is competent, has the required experience and the professional training in order to help you decrease the liability issues of your business and to be there to support you, ensuring the safety of your patients, the good reputation of your physicians and the compliance with the current legislation.

It is of primary importance that patients know that they are safe and in good hands, that they believe in their physicians, and that they trust their health care institutions and the diagnosis and treatments that they are given. On the other hand, it is also of primary importance that physicians understand their patients and feel comfortable communicating with them in order to produce the excellent results that the medical institutions are expecting from them. No health risk is worth it and World Interpreting is here to ensure your business minimizes those unwanted risks.

We want you to know that we can provide you and your business with the best quality certified medical interpreters on the market anywhere and whenever you need them. If you request one of our certified medical interpreters, you will be working with the best professionals and with an expert team that you can trust.

The importance of professional and expert certified medical interpreters

We know you want your business to be a recognized, admired and respected leader in the medical market, as well as one that’s known for its respect for law and its fulfillment of the highest international legal standards. We at World Interpreting Inc want to help you achieve that level and stay there, and that is why all our certified medical interpreters, those that are always available for you, meet the standards for educational and psychological testing, and have the certifications that prove their expertise and their specialized knowledge.

The medical business entails a huge responsibility because it has to do with people’s health. Medical interpretation services were created to support the communication between patients and physicians that speak different languages, helping them interact fluently and understand each other in order to produce correct medical diagnosis that can lead to the best and the most accurate medical treatments and, therefore, to the effective improvement of the patient’s health.

The objective is to be able to go beyond all language and cultural barriers, eliminating all miscommunications and misinterpretations between the health care providers and the patients that speak different languages, always trying to benefit the patient’s health and to protect the physician’s and the medical institution’s reputation.

We at World Interpreting Inc want language to stop being a cultural and a technical barrier for patients and physicians in health care services. We want linguistically diverse patients to be able to have the same access to health care and we want physicians to be able to provide their wonderful medical services to any person in the world, without having to make exceptions due to language issues.

The right medical interpreter can make the difference in a medical relationship between a patient, a physician and a medical institution. A good and accurate communication is essential for the success of health care anywhere in the world. That is why there’s an increasing legal trend to request the presence of certified medical interpreters in hospitals and medical facilities all over the planet.

World Interpreting Inc is not only and expert in languages, but also in the different specialized terminologies of each area of your business. Also, World Interpreting Inc has designed the most professional medical interpreting strategies for the different situations in which your medical business can require the services of a certified medical interpreter.

We can provide you with the most professional medical interpretations in every field of your medical business such as independent medical examinations (IME), medical interviews, medical visits, medical meetings, medical analysis, medical discussions, all hospital matters and more.

Excellence in our medical interpretation services

We at World Interpreting Inc are always thinking about providing you with the best quality services and about helping you achieve excellence through our professional interpretation services. That is why we request some very strict characteristics, abilities and certifications from all our medical interpreters around the world. These are some of the most important requests that we have for them:

• We encourage them to keep abreast of evolving language, medical terminology and legal standards. Our certified medical interpreters know that they have to keep studying to be ahead of professional medical interpreting services worldwide.
• We provide certified medical interpreting services through interpreters that understand the importance of culture and are able to explain the cultural differences and practices to health care providers and patients when needed.
• Our certified medical interpreters are there to facilitate communication, interpret messages accurately, convey the feeling of the speaker, and maintain impartiality and confidentiality.

Only making sure that all our certified medical interpreters are the best and most qualified professionals we can make sure that you and your medical business will be absolutely satisfied with our medical interpreting services and will be closer to providing your patients with the best medical services on the market.

We at World Interpreting Inc. try really hard to select the most prepared and competent professionals, and to build expert teams of certified medical interpreters in order to be there for you when you need an efficient communication tool that can guarantee the transparence of the health care you offer.

Also, we know that medical services need great privacy and transparence. World Interpreting Inc.’s team of certified medical interpreters is a guarantee of professionalism and confidentiality. All our medical interpreters sign confidentiality agreements and work under a very strong code of professional and human ethics that will let you and your business be sure about what you are doing and trust the professionals that you are working with.

World Interpreting Inc seeks for excellence and is always working to help you reach excellence too. We welcome you to leave behind all language and cultural barriers and to open your medical experiences to new levels and opportunities of widening those essential medical services in a way that no one can be an exception when it comes to having access to health care.