World Interpreting, Inc. has all the right solutions for your marketing and focus group interpretation needs in every language and in any city of the world. We have a professional team of certified interpreters specialized in focus group (marketing) interpreting that are always available to help you learn from your customers and from community, forgetting about the language barriers, in order to develop the correct products and to be more successful.

We at World Interpreting, Inc. know that marketing is very important for your business and that is why we have built a great team of focus group certified interpreters that also have excellent command of different fields, which mean that, besides from having wide idiomatic command and cultural knowledge, we have a specific marketing interpreter that’s also an expert in your business field’s specialized terminologies.

The wide international experience that our focus group interpreters have is vital to produce accurate marketing interpretations, as in this type of interpreting the interpreter has to listen to conversations between several people, whose gestures and expressions are really important, and then render the message in a detailed and exact way.

Focus group (marketing) interpreting is a type of interpretation used to facilitate the comprehension of the discussions between the participants of a focus group, to the representatives of a brand that are organizing the focus group session and speak a different language.

Generally, in marketing interpreting there’s a group of people (usually between 2 and 12 persons or more) that participate in a focus group session inside a room, while an interpreter looks at them through a one-way mirror, listening their conversations in the source language through a headset inside a sound proof booth and simultaneously interpreting the messages in the target language for the focus group organizers, which are in the interpreter’s side of the room.

In focus group sessions people talk naturally about different subjects and express their feelings, likes and dislikes, which means the interpreter must be an experienced professional with the right skills to be able to not only render the meaning of the phrases, but also interpret and mimic the gestures, doubts, silences, laughs, intonation, tone, emotions and speech patterns, in order to obtain the most of the focus group session and produce good results for the client.

We at World Interpreting, Inc. are aware of the level of complexity of marketing interpreting and of the relevance that it has for your business objectives, and that is why we have the most qualified and skilled professionals in our team, to satisfy all your needs and become a helpful communication and business tool for you.

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