World Interpreting Inc has the right solution for your business’ relay interpreting needs, to guarantee you and let you forget about your worries when it comes to interacting and communicating with customers or audiences from different parts of the world, who speak a wide variety of languages.

We have built a professional team of certified interpreters specialized in relay interpreting, which have an excellent idiomatic command of the different languages they have to work with, as well as a wide international experience and cultural knowledge that allows them to fully understand the global meaning of messages and then accurately render it to the target languages listeners.
Relay interpreting, also known as indirect interpreting, is most commonly used in meetings and conferences where the audiences speak different languages and need to have the messages rendered into their own language and not into one common to all of them. It is usually used when there are listeners that speak rare or uncommon languages.

When that happens, relay interpretation is the most appropriate method: there’s usually an interpreter that listens to the source language speaker and then renders the message into a language common to all the other interpreters, which then render the message to each target language group of listeners in their own language.

For example, the speaker talks, then the first interpreter renders the message in English to every interpreter in the room, and then they proceed to render it to their target language groups in Spanish, Chinese, Cambodian, Russian, etc.

Relay interpreting is very useful in some cases and it should be used only for those exceptional occasions in which it is specially needed. It’s not the most recommended method because it, obviously, takes more time and increases the risk of inaccuracy, omissions, additions, message distortion, etc., since messages go through more than one interpretation in more than two languages.

We at World Interpreting are aware of the importance that our work as interpreters has for your business and that is why we have the most professional and highly skilled relay interpreters ready for you, to guarantee you that your needs are completely satisfied.

Our relay interpreters know how to handle the situations and have the experience, the preparation and the skills to accurately interpret in any language you need, keeping the original sense intended by the sources.

We welcome you to open your business doors to the world and to leave all language and technical barriers behind.