World Interpreting, Inc. has the legal interpreting solutions that will best meet your business’ needs. If you need Examinations Under Oath (EUOs) interpretation, we can provide you with excellent quality services through our team of professional and specialized certified legal interpreters, which have wide international experience in legal matters and, specifically, in examinations under oath interpreting.

All of our legal certified interpreters are ready to take the time and work with you anywhere in the world, to make sure your EUOs are carefully interpreted and fully understood, without exempting any details. World Interpreting, Inc.’s legal interpreters have great knowledge of legal terminologies and are aware of the importance and the responsibility that examinations under oath entail, and that means they’ll do their job thoroughly and ethically.

We at World Interpreting, Inc. are aware and care about how our services have an impact on other’s jobs and on society. For that reason, we are always encouraging our professional legal interpreters’ team to keep on studying to be up to date in every detail of legal terminologies evolving, and also to always be neutral and give their best to facilitate communication between the participants of any examination under oath, so that messages remain exactly the same as they were in their original language.

Our legal interpreters are the communication tools you’ve been looking for to be able to guarantee the transparence and accuracy of the testimonies and statements that take place in your examinations under oath.

Interpreting in Examinations Under Oath (EUOs)

Legal interpreting has a high level of complexity that must be well and carefully handled by the interpreter responsible of communicating a message without adding, omitting or distorting it in the process. Interpreting in examinations under oath entails a great liability due to the importance of this stage in a legal process and to the high level of detail that must be thoroughly recorded.

The World Interpreting, Inc.’s certified legal interpreter’s team is absolutely qualified to assure the complete transparence, integrity, neutrality and professionalism of its services by means of its command of languages and legal terminologies, and its cultural knowledge that allows interpreters to understand the exact sense of the messages and to then communicate them correctly.

Our legal interpreter’s team is always ready to provide your business with its services if you need them for examinations under oath or for any other legal encounter such as depositions, court hearings, arbitrations, trials, recorded statements, business meetings and more, in any city of the world.

We invite you to leave behind all language and technical barriers letting World Interpreting, Inc. becomes your best communication tool and the guarantee of the transparency and accuracy of your examinations under oath. To schedule a professional Examinations Under Oath interpreter, please fill out our online form on the right side of the page or contact us any time.