World Interpreting, Inc. has the expert team of professional certified escort interpreters that you need for all your business traveling, meetings and event hosting, in order to remain independent and confident, and to make sure that all your customers, potential customers and, of course, you are able to fully understand everything that goes on at all times.

Our escort interpreters have excellent idiomatic command, as well as wide international experience and cultural knowledge, which allow them to act as the cultural liaison between the parts, and guarantee you that they are highly skilled and absolutely prepared to accompany you or your clients anywhere and help you and them communicate with people that speak other languages.

Escort or escorting interpreters are those who accompany a person or a delegation in different situations in which they don’t speak the same language of the speakers of the event or of the habitants of the place they are visiting.

Escort interpreters are usually called for informal encounters such as tours, visits, meetings, interviews, dinners, business travels, international fairs, client visits abroad, and many more. In this type of interpretation, the interpreter accompanies the clients at all times to help them communicate in every situation, from receiving them at the airport and taking them to the hotel, to booking and going to tours, assisting to meetings and interviews, going shopping, etc.

Escorting interpretation is generally performed using the consecutive interpreting method, as it usually takes place in informal encounters and doesn’t need any special equipment.

World Interpreting, Inc.’s escort interpreters are familiar with the different dialects and variations or languages, and also have great cultural knowledge of the places and people that will receive the clients, which means they can truly connect them to the place they are visiting and let them understand what they see and hear.

Our escort interpreters are friendly people that will always act professionally and respectfully, and will always keep all your business matters confidential. You can trust our escorting interpreters and let them become the tools that will facilitate your job and your trips, making you feel more comfortable.

We care about your business and we are always open to any request you may need; we are willing to adapt all our escort interpreting services to your specific projects and needs in any language and city of the world.

We welcome you to try our escorting interpretation services and feel the freedom and the confidence of being comfortable while staying in a place where people speak other languages! To schedule a professional escort interpreter, please fill out our online form on the right side of the page or contact us any time.