We at World Interpreting, Inc. have the right solutions for your business’ media interpreting needs, and we are here to provide you with the most qualified and experienced team of media interpreters that will become your essential communication facilitators in any language you may need. We care about your business and about producing excellent results, and that is why we have built a professional team of certified interpreters specialized in media interpreting, with wide international experience and with the highest qualifications and academic preparation.

Media interpreting needs to be performed by experts in the field, since the interpretations are done simultaneously, using technical equipments and during live coverage, which brings a lot of stress to the job. Generally, media interpretations are used by news networks, TV channels and others in television live coverage such as press conferences, telephone beepers, and different kinds of live or taped interviews with musicians, artists, sports figures, political representatives, business men and special characters of the public life.

Usually, the media interpreters sit inside a sound-proof booth where they can see the source language speaker in a monitor and listen to the speech through a headset, but if there’s a noisy environment where the interview or conference is taking place, the media interpreters can also listen and see the speaker through the television transmission, and simultaneously render the messages in the target language to the target audience.

In this type of interpretation the technical aspect is very important in order to assure a perfect transmission with a high quality interpretation, speed and sound. For that reason, it is recommended to work with excellent equipments and to arrange and check every detail before starting the live transmission.

Also, as the media interpreter will be heard by a really large audience (all the people who are watching the channel on TV), it is crucial that he/she has great confidence to speak, has a professional voice and tone, and is able to interpret and speak as if he/she was the anchor of the show.

We at World Interpreting, Inc. are aware of the important role that our media interpreters play in your business, and we are always working to make sure our team of interpreters is updated to be able to satisfy all your needs.

Our media interpreters have the idiomatic command, the cultural knowledge and the familiarity with the dialects and variations of languages to be able to become a cultural liaison between the speakers and the audiences. They also are expert in different fields, which mean they have command of the specialized terminologies in order to produce accurate and detailed media interpretations for you.

We have a media interpreter for any specific project or situation you request, and in any language and city of the world; we adapt our services to all your needs and we will never say no to special details that you want for your job.

We welcome you to leave behind all language and technical barriers, and to start working confidently in any language you need.To schedule a professional media interpreter now, please fill out our online form on the right side of the page or contact us any time.