World Interpreting, Inc.provides interpreting services for USCIS. We have been doing this for a long time for individual clients and we would like to make sure that you have us as a resource because we can have an interpreter available for you in any language, any day, at any time.

Here is a breakdown of the interpreting services that we offer:

  • – Immigration interviews.
  • – Asylum interviews.
  • – Immigration hearings.
  • – USCIS meetings..
  • – Different Immigration situations and matters.
  • – Other specific interpreting services that you may need.
  • – Phone interpreting.
  • – We offer these services in every language.

Whether you need an on-site interpreter or an over the phone interpreter (OPI), we are here to fulfill these needs. We have interpreters for any language in the world. We can have an on-site interpreter at your center on any day of the week or have an over the phone interpreter on the line within 2 minutes, depending on the language. Whenever you need an interpreter, you can call us at 1-800-969-6853 or email us at with the details that apply to each case (language, time, date, phone or address, contact name and number and if you need on-site or phone interpreter). You can set up an account with us or just call us or email us when needed We are flexible regarding payment, so if you have other payment terms, we can discuss them. We are available 24/7; therefore, we are always here to attend any last minute request.

We have been in business for over 7 years. We understand the importance and confidentiality of the services we provide. All our employees go through a strict evaluation process. We select only the most competent interpreters. We make sure they are prepared and fluent in the languages they know and encourage our employees to keep abreast of evolving language, legal terminology, legal and ethical standards. All our interpreters sign confidentiality agreements with us and work under a very strong code of professional and human ethics. We can assure that all your documents and its content are safe with us. Our company is insured; therefore, we can guarantee professionalism and help protect your center by minimizing any liability issues.