If you need consecutive interpreting for your business, World Interpreting Inc has the right solutions for you and is here to provide you with the highest quality consecutive interpretations on the market through its expert team of professional interpreters, which are certified in consecutive interpretation.
We have carefully put together a team of consecutive interpreters with wide international experience interpreting in different fields and in all kinds of projects and circumstances, in order to guarantee you that they know how to work under pressure and have the required skills to correctly and accurately interpret messages wherever they are.

Consecutive interpreting is a very common interpretation method generally used in medical and informal legal settings. It involves a source language speaker that makes pauses in his/her speech and an interpreter that renders the messages of those segments, sitting or standing next to the source language speaker and speaking in the target language so that the audience or the target language listeners can understand.

In consecutive interpretation, the source language speaker and the interpreter generally agree on the length of the segments before the interpretation begins so that the speaker knows when to stop to let the consecutive interpreter render that part of the message.

There are two different types in consecutive interpretation that vary depending on the length of the segments spoken by the source language speaker due to agreements with the interpreter, the complexity of the subject and the type of event in which they take place:

• Short CI: The segments after which the source language speaker stops are very short, so the interpreter can rely on memory and renders the messages very frequently.
• Long CI: The segments are longer, so the interpreter has to take notes and then render longer messages with more complete ideas and more separated in time.

Usually, segments of 10 or 15 minutes are considered too long because the target language listeners have to wait for long periods without understanding the messages, and also because there’s too much to interpret so it’s more likely that there are omissions when rendering.
The short consecutive interpreting is often used in rendering speeches, depositions, recorded statements, court witness testimony, and medical and job interviews. But there’s also a risk when the segments are really short, and it’s that the interpreter has to render small sentences without the context of the full idea, so it’s easier to interpret less accurately and to not get the exact idea of the message intended by the source language speaker.

It is very important to select the type of consecutive interpreting that mostly fits the specific needs of the project and to make sure the interpreter and the speaker are clear on the length of the segments that they will be using. Sometimes consecutive interpreting can be more accurate than simultaneous interpreting because the interpreter has the possibility of carefully listening to a whole idea before rendering it to the target language listeners, but it all depends on the subject and the type of event.

We at World Interpreting Inc have made sure that all of our consecutive interpreters are experts in what they do and have a great cultural knowledge that allows them to fully understand the context of messages in order to correctly and accurately interpret them in the target language. Moreover, our consecutive interpreters have excellent idiomatic command and are familiar with the different dialects and variations of languages, so they are integral interpreters that comprehend words and beyond, understanding the meanings intended by the sources.

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