World Interpreting Inc has the solutions that your business needs to let simultaneous interpreting become the communication tool that facilitates your work and opens thousands of doors of new markets, new customers and, therefore, more profits.

We have an expert team of professional certified simultaneous interpreters of all languages, which have wide international experience in the simultaneous interpreting field, as well as great cultural knowledge and familiarity with the different dialects and variations of languages.

Simultaneous interpretation is one of the most common modes of interpreting and is a very complex discipline that has to be performed by true experts with the necessary skills. Not all interpreters are capable or qualified to do simultaneous interpretations, since most of them are used to having the time to think before they interpret the messages.

In simultaneous interpretation the speaker doesn’t stop to let the interpreter render small parts of the message to the target-language listeners; instead, the speaker speaks continuously while the interpreter listens through the headphones in a sound-proof booth and renders the message at the same time, as fast as possible, speaking through a microphone that projects to the headsets of the target-language listeners. Usually, the interpreter is only one sentence behind the source-language speaker.

Simultaneous interpretation is usually a very intense job and it requires of very specific skills in order to produce a good result. A simultaneous interpreter has to listen to the source-language speaker, understand and translate the message in his/her mind, render the translation through the microphone and, at the same time, try to understand and retain what the source-language speaker is saying while he/she speaks to the target-language listeners.

A simultaneous interpreter is needed when there’s, at least, one person in an audience that speaks a different language than the speaker, which means he/she doesn’t understand what is being said, and there’s no chance of stopping the speaker to let the interpreter render the message by segments.

There are several situations in which simultaneous interpreting is the best mode of interpretation due to the specific characteristics and requirements of the project or event. It is frequently used in legal encounters, conferences, diplomatic events, psychiatric meetings and other formal settings.

World Interpreting Inc is aware of the complexity of simultaneous interpreting and, therefore, has built the most professional team of certified simultaneous interpreters with all the right skills needed to accomplish a great job and correctly facilitate the communication between people that speak different languages, and that need to fully comprehend messages with specialized terminologies in important events.

Our simultaneous interpreters have the concentration, the calm, the patience, the language command, the cultural knowledge, the mental speed, the training, the experience and the academic and field preparation to provide you with the most accurate, transparent and true simultaneous interpretations on the market.

We welcome you to open your business doors to the world and to leave all language and technical barriers behind.