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Simultaneous Interpretation

– It is the instantaneous oral reproduction of speech from one language to another language. This requires the interpreter to listen, comprehend, convert into the target language, and reproduce a speaker’s message in the target language while the speaker continues to speak, typically lagging a matter of seconds behind the speaker
– 2 Interpreters are required for Simultaneous Interpretations and they take turns every 40 minutes.

Consecutive Interpretation

– It is the type of interpretation that requires the interpreter to listen, comprehend, render into target language, and reproduce the original message in the target language after the speaker pauses.
– For this mode of interpretation only one interpreter is required.

One technician required in the following situations:

a. Event with more than 100 participants
b. Events that require a simultaneous interpreter
c.Full day events

Two technicians required in the following situations:

a. For every additional 100 participants, after the 100 participants required for 1 technician an additional technician will be required.

One assistant required in the following situations:

a. Event with more than 100 participants

Two assistants required in the following situations:

b. For every additional 100 participants, after the 100 participants required for 1 assistant an additional assistant will be required.

FM Frequency

a. Interpreted message is received via FM radio signals.
b. The best solution for allowing meeting delegates to hear the interpreter message. They can pick up signals from up to 300 feet away, including through walls.
c. The attendees will have maximum flexibility to move around the conference site.
d. Top choice for most conferences and meetings.

Infrared Technology

a. Used mainly by government and embassies
b. Uses infrared emissions to transmit sound.
c. Require an emitter, a modulator, and receivers.
d. Less susceptible to radio interference than FM systems, but they require a clear line of sight between the emitter and the receiver and are very susceptible to light.
e. It can be heard only in the same room as the speaker.
f. Recommended for meetings where secrecy is important, as the interpretation cannot be heard outside of the emitter’s well-defined radiation pattern.

Sound Proof Booth


WI-arrow-left Table top booth

Useful for when space is limited. Ideal for workshops and small meetings. Usually one person, and space inside is limited for the interpreter.
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WI-arrow-left Full booth

Standard for 2 persons. Portable and soundproof. The full-size booth provides better soundproofing in noisy conference environments.
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Interpreting Units


WI-arrow-left Transmitter

Used by the interpreters. Transmit the message for interpretion.
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WI-arrow-left Receiver

provided for the participants. Enabled with a chanel and volume control key.
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WI-arrow-left Console

The interpreter’s “workstation.” Allows the interpreter to switch between the floor language and the chanel set.
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WI-arrow-left Headsets

Used by the interpreter to hear the speaker, integrated with a microphone for relaying the message to the participants and connected to the console.
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